Designing a Plate

When I introduce my clients to their new normal way of eating, they're expecting me to write a full meal plan for them. I am a licensed pharmacist, not a nutritionist, so I am not really legally qualified to do that. Nor is your usual personal trainer or health coach.

What I do is help with accountability in an effort to maintain adherence to a healthy way of living. In essence, I become their food conscience.

My personal struggle with weight and obesity has shaped the relationship I have with food. I was born that "fat chubby" baby, overdue by 2 weeks, and have lived with that baby fat for 57 years. I have read hundreds of books, magazines and articles about weight loss. I have followed every diet ever created, even including becoming anorexic. I owed a collection of 1000's of exercises videos, cassettes, and dvds. I was never an athlete, or one of the fit girls, but have dreamed many times of being a gymnast, ballerina, or bodybuilder. I've always wanted to look like Rachel Mclish, the first Ms. Olympia. But even after 5 successful bouts of weight loss, I always manage to gain it back.

Until now.

I don't think anyone has internalized this private battle with weight as intensely as me.

Eventually, I married a man who was just as obsessed with weight and fitness as me. He was also my first and only personal trainer. Naturally, everyone thinks "she stays fit because she's married to her trainer." This is far from the truth. Yes, he makes strength training and working out much more convenient as I don't really have to think about what my routines would be.

But I am the one to get my ass up, and dressed, and work to generate enough sweat to optimize a workout. I am the one who decided how to strategically eat to drop my body fat down to 20% for the first time in my life. When I became mature enough to put my obsession with body weight and body fat into perspective as simply a biochemical aspect of human life, I forgave myself for just simply not taking better care of myself.

My hope is to transfer my experiences into guidance, and support for those who have are facing their own weight demons. The number on the scale has nothing to do with our intelligence, our integrity and our core values, and should not be what defines us. If you need help with overcoming your lifelong struggle with the scale, acknowledge that, and we' ll find a way to win this war. Just like me.

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